Tipi Hire - Meet Our Gorgeous Tipis

Here's a brief intro to our fabulous white tipis. There are a couple of different types and sizes, so we've broken it down into a handy guide to make it easier for you to work out what you might need for your event.

Each type shows the number of guests it can accommodate and some suggestions on what it can be used for. Take a look through the guide and then drop us a line to talk to us about the requirements for your event.

We've also put together some packages that include all of the essentials you'll need, like tables, chairs and lighting for one cost on the Tipi Costs page.

The Stratus Tipi

The Stratus tipi is our main event space and will give your event that real wow factor. Our tipis are a beautiful off white colour, as opposed to the darker tan that other companies use, which makes them ideal for any type of event, particularly weddings and corporate brand events. The colour also makes them great on warmer days, as they absorb less heat than their tanned counterparts. Guests will be truly amazed by the spaces we can create and will definitely leave a lasting memory of their experience. The Stratus is incredibly versatile and can be used on its own or joined with other Stratus tipis to create a larger space. We can link any number of them together, the only limitation is your imagination!

The sides of the Stratus can be raised, which has two advantages. The first is that we can then link them to others, the second is it that it can totally change the space completely by having one side up or all the sides up. This is why it's also called a giant hat tipi. In warmer weather, this is a really great feature and makes the tipis ideal for some al fresco dining or an outdoor bar area. With the sides down in winter we can add a fire pit and heating to make a cosy and welcoming space, ideal for a winter wedding or party!

As they can be linked together, the number of seated guests you can have can ranges from 20 to 60 with one Stratus and over 300 with 6 or more tipis joined together.

We can supply dancefloors, fire pits and bar areas that can be used with the Stratus tipis and these elements all come together to make the Stratus the ultimate outdoor event space. They measure 10.3m in diameter and have a covered space of 83 square meters with the brim down. They are constructed from solid wood beams and our canopy is flame retardant and complies with all fire safety regulations.

We've put together some different configurations, along with costs, on the Tipi Costs page to help you choose what's right for you.

The Cirrus 40 Tipi

The Cirrus 40 is the baby brother of the Stratus, but don't be fooled into thinking it's not equally as versatile.

The great thing about the Cirrus is that it can be linked to our amazing Stratus tipi's to create separate spaces for chill out areas, a bar, a reception space or your very own nightclub! The sides of the Cirrus cannot be raised and you can't link them together, but it has a huge entrance, which makes it perfect for small parties, exhibitions, festival bars or birthdays if used on its own. The Cirrus can comfortably accommodate around up to 40 people seated and roughly up to 55 people standing. The Cirrus measures 8.25m in diameter and has a covered space of 53 square meters. They are constructed in a similar way to the Stratus with solid wood beams and a fire retardant canvas.

As with the Stratus, we can supply bars or chill out furniture to create a lovely cosy and relaxing lounge space for you and your guests. These are a great addition to a Cirrus and will really add something different to any event.

For more information on the costs of a Cirrus and how it works with our Stratus tipis, head to the Tipi Costs page, where we've put together some package ideas including costs and examples of different configurations that include the Cirrus tipi.

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